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Embezzlement is a type of theft that involves abusing or neglecting a fiduciary duty to steal assets that had been entrusted to you. Due to the gravity of the crime, two things are certain if you have been accused of embezzlement in Maryland: the party accusing you and the state are taking it seriously, and your life could be permanently impacted if you are convicted.

Before the prosecution gets too far ahead as it builds its case, jump into action by calling on the Silver Spring, MD embezzlement lawyers of Portner & Shure. We are proud to be a nationally recognized law firm with extensive experience in all sorts of complex criminal defense cases, including embezzlement and related fraud crimes.

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Fiduciary Duties & Embezzlement Charges

A fiduciary duty is a legal obligation that states one party must act in the best interests of another party. Most fiduciary duties are established through a written contract, but oral contracts can be seen as legally binding by a court of law. If a fiduciary duty is willingly violated by the party entrusted to handle or protect assets and funds and the violation is financially beneficial to that same party, it may constitute the crime of embezzlement under Maryland law.

Examples of parties that often involve a fiduciary duty include:

  • Estate executors and the estate assets they manage.
  • Investment bankers and their clients, who entrust them to manage their investment accounts.
  • Trustees and the companies they serve, which task them with the management of financial accounts, business assets, and more.
  • Relationships created through a power of attorney.

A common example of misdemeanor embezzlement under Maryland law is when an employee steals money or finances from their employer. For example, a cashier who takes money out of a cash register while on their shift has technically committed embezzlement and could be charged with this unique type of theft crime. Even though the potential penalties for this type of embezzlement might not be as severe as embezzlement involving misused estate assets, for instance, the consequences can still harm your livelihood for years to come, so every embezzlement accusation or charge must be taken seriously.

Conviction Penalties for Embezzlement Crimes in Maryland

The conviction penalties or sentencing requirements, if the court convicts you of embezzlement in Maryland, will vary based on your case. However, no matter the exact details of your embezzlement charges, you can expect that a conviction will result in time behind bars and fines paid to the state. It is also common for the court to require someone who is convicted of embezzlement to repay the embezzled money to the victim, even if that process could take many years.

Misdemeanor and felony embezzlement convictions often result in:

  • At least one-year imprisonment and up to 5 years of total imprisonment time.
  • Thousands of dollars in fines, sometimes more than $5,000 or $10,000.
  • Mandatory repayment of embezzled funds to the victim(s).

If convicted of any embezzlement crime, you might also be required to report the embezzled funds to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) as taxable income, which creates many tax complications and issues. Furthermore, many people who are convicted of embezzlement struggle to gain employment in any industry or role that involves the handling or processing of money. Even if employers are told not to judge an employee or applicant based on criminal history, many do and will not want to work with people convicted of embezzlement.

Build Your Embezzlement Defense with Our Counsel

No matter what the prosecution says it will use to land a conviction, you will always have a chance to defend yourself. By teaming up with the Silver Spring embezzlement lawyers of Portner & Shure, you can confidently build a defense that integrates compelling evidence and logical arguments that show why a guilty verdict would be unjustified.

All embezzlement cases need unique defense strategies, but two commonly used arguments are:

  • Insufficient evidence: When the prosecution does not have enough evidence to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, it would be unjust to convict you. We can examine the evidence the prosecution intends to use to land an embezzlement conviction and attempt to dismantle it, possibly even having some key evidence dismissed before it can be used in court.
  • Lack of intent: Misusing funds and mishandling assets are not crimes by definition. Many people with fiduciary duties make honest mistakes that result in lost finances or resources for the other party. If there was no criminal intent behind your actions, we can argue that there should be no conviction.

Have you been notified that you are under investigation for embezzlement crimes? Talk to a member of Portner & Shure right away. With our legal counsel and pre-trial representation, it might be possible to convince the criminal investigators to stop the investigation before charges are ever filed, which would keep your criminal record entirely spotless of an embezzlement charge.

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If you have been arrested and charged with embezzlement in Maryland, the prosecution is already building a case to put you behind bars. Stand up for yourself, your rights, and your future by relying on Portner & Shure for your defense. Our Silver Spring embezzlement defense lawyers are always standing by to hear from new and returning clients who need our help when facing serious criminal charges.

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