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We Fight for People Who are Hurt by Bad Drivers

Car accidents are difficult and heart-wrenching experiences. To limit the stress of a car accident, you should promptly find a top local accident attorney. At Portner and Shure, we have been representing victims of car accidents in Frederick, Maryland for more than 25 years. Given our numerous 5-star reviews, past results, ratings, and recognition, we are certain that our car accident lawyers have the experience necessary to assist you in your car accident case. The trauma and stress of a car accident can be overwhelming. Allow us at Portner & Shure to take care of you and your family.

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What Should You Do After a Car Accident?

To help us can assist you to the best of our abilities, do this after a crash:

  1. Contact law enforcement: To ensure your safety and the safety of those around you, contact local police for assistance if someone was hurt or if the crash caused a street hazard. The authorities may also help establish a record of what occurred.
  2. Take pictures: Immediately following your accident, do not move your vehicle until you have taken pictures of the property damage to the vehicles involved.
  3. Identify witnesses and ask them for statements: Survey your surroundings and identify the witnesses to your car accident. Ask them for statements regarding what occurred. This is essential to ensure that the facts of the collision are not changed after the fact by the other driver Having a clear and legitimate account of what occurred from witnesses reduces the chances of an insurance company denying liability.
  4. Gather all relevant information: Secure the relevant documentation like the other driver’s information, name(s) of passengers, license plate numbers, the exact time and place of the crash, weather conditions, your well-being, and how the accident occurred.
  5. Seek medical treatment: Initially, after a crash, it is important to seek medical attention so there is official documentation about your injuries. Even if you only have a neck or back strain, it is imperative to see a doctor. In many cases, you may feel fine immediately following an accident. However, symptoms can appear later, and you should seek medical treatment as soon as possible.
  6. Go to a specialist: In cases where there is a serious injury, a follow-up with a specialist will often be necessary. Our results in your claim often rely on your medical records. Factors like how soon after the accident you saw a doctor, how long you required treatment, if there were any gaps in your treatment, who the treating doctor is, and the doctor’s bills influence your claim.

Are There Actions I Should Avoid After a Car Accident?

  • If you are the at-fault driver, do not talk to the insurance company. In Maryland, if you were just 1% negligent during the collision, the carrier may deny your claim. Ways in which you could be negligent include but are not limited to texting, drowsiness, impairment, or being distracted. Insurance adjusters may try to find you contributorily negligent and deny your claim. Insurance adjusters are not your friend.
  • If an insurance adjuster contacts you and offers a quick settlement, say no. Settlement offers from insurance companies are typically far less than you are entitled to.

Should I Pursue Legal Action and File a Personal Injury Claim?

You should contact a car accident lawyer if you believe your car accident was the result of another driver’s negligence or recklessness. If you suffered injuries that alter your quality of life, you are entitled to receive financial compensation for your damages. At Portner and Shure in Frederick, our experienced car accident lawyers know the procedures, strategies, rules, and timelines necessary to successfully file a personal injury claim.

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Financial Recovery in Your Car Accident Case

Damages in your car accident include the following:

  1. Property Damage, Towing, and Loss of Value to your Vehicle: Why should you have to pay for all the damages that someone else caused your vehicle? We don’t think you should. Let us fight for these damages.

  1. Medical Expenses: Once fault and liability are determined, we may include your medical expenses in your damages. It is essential to find the right doctor to ensure that your medical expenses are fair and equitable. We can examine your medical bills to ensure that you were not over-billed, and we provide the necessary insight to establish that the liability carrier does not take unreasonable medical bill reductions. If you suffered a permanent injury, like a brain injury, your future medical expenses will be estimated and potentially included in your recovery. We need a receive a detailed report from your doctor discussing all your future treatment costs.

  1. Lost Wages: After being injured in a car accident, you may not be able to return to work for an extended or permanent period. Your lost wages may be included in your damages and financial recovery. Our paralegals should be given documentation from your employer and an “off-work” slip from your doctor.

  2. Pain and Suffering Damages: You have a right to receive compensation for your physical and mental suffering. The damages awarded depend on the severity of the injury suffered in the car accident, the duration of medical treatments, and future estimates of suffering. We can work tirelessly to ensure you are properly compensated for your pain. Although this will not erase your suffering, this compensation will offer justice to you and your family.

How Do I Negotiate With An Insurance Company?

To negotiate with an insurance company, you shouldn’t. Instead, you should hire an experienced Frederick, Maryland car accident lawyer. Our lawyers at Portner and Shure conduct negotiations after discussing all aspects of the case with you and thoroughly reviewing your medical bills and records. Our respected car accident attorneys have the tools necessary to properly apply for PIP (personal injury protection) and know how to work with your health insurer about the coverage benefits. If settlement discussions fail, our car accident attorneys at Portner and Shure are ready and able to take your case to trial. Let us use our leverage and experience to your advantage.

Who Should I Contact If English Is Not My First Language?

If English is not your first language, it is crucial to find a law firm equipped with a strong bilingual staff. At Portner & Shure, we use interpreters and have a plethora of experienced bilingual paralegals. Our paralegals are fluent in Spanish, Chinese, and Korean. Specifically, our Spanish-speaking paralegals are recognized as some of the best in Maryland.

Overall, we have hired, trained, and kept more than 15 Spanish-speaking paralegals and legal assistants for auto accident cases. Christine Phong has been rightfully recognized in the World Journal and the Washington Chinese News for excellence in her field. Additionally, Grace Chung is known throughout Frederick, Ellicott City, Columbia, and Rockville as one of the most reliable and successful Korean-speaking car accident paralegals. Our bilingual paralegals and legal assistants help car accident clients share their stories and obtain the financial compensation they deserve.

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