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  • Estoy muy agradecida con los abogados de Portner & Shure.

    Estoy muy agradecida con los abogados de Portner & Shure y sus asistentes. Son personas muy profesionales. Gracias a ellos, pudimos obtener el Green Card. Fue un caso muy difícil, pero no imposible, gracias a ellos.

    - Pablo

  • I highly recommend this firm
    I highly recommend this firm. They had my best interest in mind and made me feel comfortable with the entire process. Sometimes when you have to get a lawyer involved, the process is very stressful/frustrating but they made sure that everything went smoothly and made it stress-free.

    - Celina

    Categories: Immigration
  • They are very professional people.
    I am very grateful to the lawyers at Portner & Shure and their assistants, they are very professional people. Thanks to them, we were able to obtain the Green Card even though it was a very difficult case, but not impossible, thanks to them. They are very professional.

    - Former Client

    Categories: Immigration
  • They are excellent professionals.
    I want to thank God and the lawyer Pablo and his assistants for the good work they did with my case even though it was very difficult but thanks to God and them we were able to obtain our Green Card. I thank them very much for their patience, they are excellent professionals.

    - Former Client

    Categories: Immigration
  • My experience with Brandy at Portner & Shure, P.A. was amazing
    My experience with Brandy at Portner & Shure, P.A. was amazing. She was professional at all times, updated me whenever there was a change in my case and she checked on me to make sure I was okay. Although Brandy is a professional, she made me feel extremely comfortable. I knew I could trust Brandy and that means a lot to me. Thank you Brandy and thank you Portner & Shure, P.A. for staffing excellent people.

    - SaQuyn

    Categories: Brandy Moreira Soriano, Immigration
  • Infinitely grateful for the work of this great team.
    Infinitely grateful for the work of this great team, today thanks to their hard work I have the satisfaction of receiving my permanent residence, highlighting the constant concern of the team of lawyer Pablo Pérez, I highly recommend him.

    - Former Client

    Categories: Immigration
  • My settlement was quick and it was more than I expected
    I recommend Portner and Shure to anyone who wants a legal firm that will work hard for you. They are dedicated, attentive and truthful. Miss Cam Tran (Vienna location) was my paralegal and she is the best. She was there anytime I need to talk to her and she was very informative. My settlement was quick and it was more than I expected. Needless to say, I am VERY happy with Portner & Shure.

    - Nikki

    Categories: Cam Van Tran
  • They are magnificent
    They are magnificent. I personally felt that I worked with people who understood my needs and who treated me with respect and professionalism. Plus, I obtained compensation for injuries. Thanks!

    - Scarlett

    Categories: Cam Van Tran, Immigration
  • I recommend this law firm to anyone.

    Hello, I am Jorge Luis Rivero, of Cuban nationality. I am very grateful to lawyer Pablo Pérez, who helped me quickly with my immigration case, and everything went well. His treatment and that of his secretaries supported me at all times. I recommend this law firm, Portner Shure, P.A., to anyone. They work well and have many years of experience. I hope to share this nice experience with everyone. Thank you.

    - J.R.

    Categories: Immigration
  • Great empathy and promptness.

    Great empathy and promptness from Sarah regarding my case. She listened, offered encouragement, and Got the job done! Kudos to all in the firm for having Sarah.

    - P.G.

    Categories: Criminal Defense
  • Very supportive and communicated well.

    Throughout this process my attorney Sarah supported me during this whole process with support and encouragement and she was very supportive and communicated well with not only me but my family as well. And I would just like to thank her again for the support and help that she gave.

    - N.M.

    Categories: Criminal Defense
  • I am extremely grateful to my attorney.
    I am extremely grateful to my attorney, Simran Rahi, and his staff for their exceptional assistance, which ultimately led to a favorable outcome for me. I highly recommend him and his firm to anyone in need of a criminal defense lawyer. He is a highly skilled and exceptional lawyer. Thank you for your help with my case!

    - Chanel

    Categories: Simran Rahi
  • He made me feel like a priority.
    Reginald Jordan recently represented me and he was great! He started working on my case immediately, made me feel like a priority, and went above and beyond.

    - Jayla

  • They did amazing work with my case.
    They did amazing work with my case. Jonathan N. Portner (Lawyer), Elizabeth B, Cam Tran and the Team were helpful throughout the whole process of my case. I’m happy with all of my results from my case and all the work they put into my case. 100% recommended this law firm with any legal assistance. Cam Tran is the best and so friendly.

    - Dunia

    Categories: Jonathan Portner
  • Our case was resolved in just a few months.
    Attorney Pablo Perez is an awesome person. He listens and is very knowledgeable. He gives lots of information and is always easily accessible. Everyone at the office is great. Our case was resolved in just a few months.

    - Former Client

    Categories: Eng PA immigration
  • They speak the truth.
    Portner & Shure, they are a serious firm. Just as they explained the process of things to me, that's how it was until it was finished. They speak the truth and explain whether it is possible or not. I recommend them for any migration case. They helped me with my citizenship procedures. Visit them.

    - Joel

    Categories: Eng PA immigration
  • I recommend them 100%.
    I thank the lawyer Pablo Perez and all the staff who work with him, since they provided me with excellent support and quality service. I recommend them 100% since my process was as fast as possible. Blessings and a thousand thanks.

    - Alicia

    Categories: Eng PA immigration
  • Mr. Pablo and his team were very friendly and knowledgeable
    Mr. Pablo and his team were very friendly and knowledgeable in the area of immigration legal support. I am proud to be a naturalized citizen soon and without their support it would not have been possible.

    - Jamie

    Categories: Eng PA immigration, Immigration
  • Impressed with My Attorney Mr. Rahi's Efficiency

    Wow. I am impressed with my attorney Mr. Rahi. He is very smart, efficient in getting my cases resolved. I recommend him to everyone on the internet reading this. His team of Ms. Claudia, Ms.Teresa and Ms.Sadler helped me with the initial court process. Thank you in my help with my Fairfax case!!!!

    - Jose

    Categories: Criminal Defense
  • Excellent at What They Do, Very Kind and Efficient

    Excellent at what they do and everyone is very kind and efficient, especially Miss Giselle and lawyer Pablo, I couldn't choose a better firm, thank you very much!!!

    - Nicole

    Categories: Eng PA immigration, Immigration