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Case of the Month -Shoulder & Back Injury

At Portner & Shure, P.A., we back up our threat to litigate. When insurance companies, like Liberty Mutual, refuse to give our clients a fair offer –– we put the case in suit. We litigate cases both big and small, and place a case into suit nearly every day. Every case is equally important to us, and all of our clients receive our complete attention and resources.

Despite limitations imposed on the legal community by the coronavirus, Portner & Shure, P.A. persisted in trying cases.

This month, attorneys Simran Rahi and Alissa Portner, advocated (virtually) on behalf of a client who sustained injuries to his shoulder and back after the Defendant collided into him. Overall, our client endured approximately $ 5, 000.00 in chiropractic medical expenses.

Negotiations with the adjuster at Liberty Mutual were unsuccessful. Prior to trial, the insurance company offered merely $ 1,316.08. Yes– you read that right, Liberty Mutual refused to provide compensation sufficient to cover our client’s medical expenses. This was simply unacceptable. A few weeks before trial was initially scheduled, the insurance carrier raised this offer to $2,400.00.

At trial, we thoroughly explained to the Prince George’s County Judge, all of the pain and suffering our client endured for two months following the accident. For example, we described to the Court the ways in which our client’s shoulder injury made it difficult to fulfill his obligations as a cook, like chopping vegetables, or picking up sacks of flour. We also explained how our client’s shoulder and back pain strained his familial relationships by making it difficult to contribute to tasks at home, including playing with his young children.

After hearing the evidence presented, the trial Judge awarded our client a total of $11,678.56.

This is but one example of how Portner & Shure, P.A. continues to advocate for our clients, and push our client’s cases forward, during this difficult time. While other firms may back down from the challenges posed by this pandemic, we persevere.

Here is just one example from this month:

Case No. 226139

Paralegals: Claudia Hernandez, Roxy Bucio


VERDICT: $11,678.56