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Attorney Portner Secures $150K Settlement Win for Bicycle Accident Client

Attorney Jonathan Portner and Paralegal Diane Lazo of Portner & Shure, P.A. recently secured a big victory for a Montgomery County, Maryland bicyclist who was injured in a vehicle accident. Utilizing various forms of insurance coverage, we were able to secure a settlement total of $150,000, as well as minimize a medical lien! This is a great case result that truly showcases what our law firm can achieve when we combine our legal talents and experiences.

Details of the Montgomery County Bicycle Accident Case

Our client was riding his bicycle when a driver cut him off by making a sudden left turn, striking him in the process. The bicyclist’s right foot was crushed between the car and his own bicycle, causing severe injury.

The liable motorist was covered by Progressive Insurance Company, which ultimately agreed to tender a $100,000 policy. Before the agreement was reached, the insurer first had to be shown that our client would need foot surgery, though.

$100,000 was an impressive amount, but it did not fairly represent the extent of his damages and injuries. Next, we turned to underinsured motorist (UIM) coverage provided through USAA. With careful proceedings, Attorney Portner was able to secure an additional $50,000 from the USAA policy, bringing our client’s settlement total to $150,000. But our team did not stop there.

The medical bills were paid by relevant health insurance policies. Yet Tricare noted a medical lien of approximately $84,000. Tapping into her vast background as a paralegal for workers’ compensation and personal injury cases, especially those involving insurance and lien complexities, Paralegal Lazo was able to reduce that lien down to just $33,000 or about $51,000 less. The five-figure difference meant more money could stay with our client in the end.

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