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Use of Dashcams in Maryland To Protect Your Rights

There is a new trend among drivers today: dashcams. In motor vehicle accidents and in criminal cases, the facts of the event are often disputed between the parties involved. The use of dashcams by civilians has been increasing as a means to avoid being caught in he said/she said situation. If you choose to protect yourself by installing a dashcam in your car you need to know some important facts about the law.

  • (1) It’s 100% legal to record video of people, including the police, in public. If your dashcam is recording video outside of your car, on the highway, for instance, it doesn’t matter if the parties being recorded are aware of it.
  • (2) If your dashcam is recording audio inside the car, this is considered a private place, so be careful of running afoul of Maryland’s wiretapping law and be sure your passengers are aware of the recording.

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