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Sure You Can Handle Your Own Accident Case, But You Get What You Pay For

If you are an injured accident victim, you can try and handle your own car accident case by dealing with the insurance companies yourself. Like everything else though, you get what you pay for. Just like you can work on your own deck and do your own plumbing, you can handle your own auto accident claim, but how does that generally turn out? Handling your own case is certainly possible, but you are likely to miss out on a significant amount of money.

Insurance companies will say they are “on your side,” but in reality, they are a business that tries to reduce the amount they pay in every case. Hiring an attorney gives you the benefit of having someone with experience dealing with a claims adjuster that you must have to fairly negotiate. An attorney also gives you leverage. In other words, the carriers know you can’t sue them when they give you that horrendous offer. We can, so generally, the offers will be higher. Our offers are generally higher because the carriers know we do not hesitate to file a lawsuit on offers we do not like.