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Live Fast, Die Young

Tuesday (08/07/2016) three teenage boys were killed in a fatal car accident around 11:30 pm in Montgomery County. Just twelve hours before the school's graduation, the boys were headed south on Burnt Hill Road when control of the vehicle was lost due to speed. When the 1989 Ford left the road it made contact with a tree killing two of the boys instantly, the third boy was taken to Suburban Hospital where he later subdued to his injuries. It was reported that no drugs or alcohol were involved, the accident was purely caused by inexperience and negligence. It was a tragic loss for the families involved and to the community of Clarksburg High School. The boys were charismatic and very well liked.

Events like this are hard to bear. Speeding is one of the top causes of vehicular death. Parents stress the dangers of driving over the speed limit to your children. However, even if the boys were not speeding, when a car hits a tree or another stationary object head-on at about 35 MPH there is a high likelihood the accident will be fatal. The posted speed limit is set to help maintain the safety of yourself and others for the physical conditions of that road. The road the boys were driving on is fairly windy and high speeds caused them to lose control of the truck while rounding a bend. Always remember to drive responsibly and to adjust your speed accordingly.

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