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Winter Moves Out and Lane Markings Disappear

First, it was potholes making driving dangerous for Virginia drivers as the cold and snowy winter caused roadways to crack and fall apart. Now another potential danger is cropping up: barely visible lane markings on the roads. Salt spread on the roads combined with plows clearing snow from the roads has eaten away at lane marking paint. Drivers in Annandale, like the rest of Virginia, are having a tough time making out the lane markings on many roadways. This is a major safety issue and can lead to catastrophic car accidents.

Some Virginia drivers are expressing concern over certain areas of roadways where new lane paint should be applied immediately. For example, one driver reported that a section of I-95 South just before exits 169A and B requires immediate attention because it is a high-traffic area where many cars travel daily. Highways especially should have clear lane markings because drivers are moving at such a high rate speed and drivers are forced to merge from different directions. All it takes is one driver to misinterpret lane markings and an accident ensues. In addition, at nighttime faint lane markings are next to impossible for drivers to see, making collisions much more likely.

Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) responded to drivers’ concerns saying, “A pothole on an interstate or another high volume road like the Fairfax County Parkway or Route 7 is a top priority and we strive to get to them within 24 hours.”VDOT officials are most concerned with potholes because they “don’t want anyone traveling at high speeds to hit a pothole or have to swerve to avoid one.”In response to the lane markings specifically, officials said, “crews are scheduled to be out striping that section of I-95 starting Wednesday.”Pavement temperatures have been too cold for officials to repaint lane markings.

Cities and counties are expected to keep their roads safe. When they fail to do that and their negligence leads to a car, truck, or motorcycle accident, victims may have a legal claim to seek compensation for injuries, losses, and damages. It is important that if you are involved in a car, truck, or motorcycle accident that you hire an experienced attorney who can uncover all liable parties and fight for full compensation.

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