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Maryland Transportation Statistics Show Decline in Accidents

The most recent statistics compiled by Maryland’s Department of Transportation show a decrease in the number of car accidents between 2013 and 2014. For FY2013, 3,456 car accidents occurred on Maryland’s roads. However, in FY2014, that number decreased to 3,052 car accidents. Another interesting statistic is the total ridership numbers in FY2013 versus FY2014 for public transportation. In 2013, the number was 119,259,611, the highest it has ever been, but in 2014, that number dropped to 113,803,902. The drop in car accidents cannot be attributed to fewer people driving cars and choosing to take public transportation because total ridership decreased significantly.

Preliminary numbers from 2013 for traffic fatalities in Maryland show 466 highway deaths, the lowest since 1961. (Note: 2014 statistics still being compiled). The 2013 number is a decrease of 45 deaths from 2012. Maryland continues to improve safety on its roadways by passing new laws to combat distracted driving and constantly improving highways and bridges. With a goal of zero highway deaths on Maryland roadways, Maryland’s transportation officials and law enforcement are “encourage by the drop in traffic-related fatalities, but [know] there is still work to be done.” Maryland’s plan to reduce traffic fatalities is the Strategic Highway Safety Plan. This plan focuses on five areas: aggressive driving prevention, distracted driving prevention, highway infrastructure, occupant protection, and pedestrian safety.

As police crack down on distracted and aggressive drivers, officials continue to improve roadways, and auto manufacturers continue to make cars safer, these numbers should continue to decrease over the next several years.

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