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How Dangerous Road Conditions Can Lead to Car Accidents

Potholes/Uneven Road Surfaces: Uneven road surfaces and potholes can cause cars, motorcycles, or trucks to lose control, especially on a highway. Uneven roads are usually the result of repairing roadways where one lane has a new surface and the other lanes do not. Motorcyclists are in the most danger in these situations because it is very easy to lose control of a two-wheeled vehicle. Potholes are just as dangerous as uneven surfaces. Depending on the size of the pothole, cars are subject to damage to tires and wheel alignment. In addition, as drivers try to avoid potholes in the roads, it can lead to accidents.

Expansion Joints: Expansion joints are parts that connect bridges and overpasses to the actual roadway. These joints can create an uneven surface and become very slippery in wet weather. Slippery expansion joints are a common cause of accidents on bridges and overpasses. The uneven surface created from the joints is also dangerous for motorcycles because drivers can easily lose control or have difficulty stopping quickly on them.

Unpaved Roadways: Unpaved roadways, especially those with gravel, can easily lead to accidents. One example is when these unpaved roads are not properly maintained and severe undulations develop, making driving quite treacherous. Another example is when it rains or snows and these surfaces become muddy and uneven, making driving difficult due to visibility problems from mud spraying up.

Debris: Debris on roads is a very common occurrence, especially on well-traveled roads like highways. Common examples include cargo falling off of trucks, strips of rubber from tire blowouts, car accident debris, road work materials, rocks, large tree branches, and animal carcasses. Each county is responsible for removing these dangerous obstacles from the roadways to prevent accidents. However, when these items are not removed in a timely manner, accidents occur when drivers hit these objects or try to avoid them.

Slippery Surfaces: Slippery surfaces are the most common cause of automobile, truck, and motorcycle accidents. Some causes of slippery roadways include painted surfaces, wet leaves, snow, ice, standing water, spilled oil, and mud. As we move into winter, more and more leaves will fall on to roadways, thereby making driving more treacherous when it rains or snows. Motorists tend to forget to drive cautiously in wet weather and should slow down to protect their own safety and the safety of others.

Animals: Maryland is filled with many different types of animals, and sometimes these animals run into the streets in front of cars. Many rural areas are affected by animals such as deer, foxes, raccoons, squirrels, chipmunks, and rabbits. Deer are especially dangerous to drivers because they cannot see anything when headlights are shining directly at them, and oftentimes, they will dart out in the road unexpectedly. Our clients in Owings Mills, Towson, Frederick, Rockville, and Columbia are most prone to accidents caused by deer and other animals.

Cities and counties are expected to keep their roads safe. When they fail to do that and their negligence leads to a car, truck, or motorcycle accidents, victims may have a legal claim to seek compensation for injuries, losses, and damages. It is important that if you are involved in a car, truck, or motorcycle accident that you hire an experienced Maryland car accident attorney who can uncover all liable parties and fight for full compensation.

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