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Automobile Accidents and Road Workers: What are the Rules?

Road workers throughout the United States are often struck during the course of their jobs. Additionally, they often cause other cars to strike each other because the work area is not properly designated or marked. Many of these automobile accidents often lead to tragedies. However, they can be avoided if the road workers are more familiar with, and follow safety procedures. In addition to State highway workers, companies that contract for road work are given copies of the safety rules.

Recently, a contractor was killed on Eastbound Rt. 50 when he was either deploying or retrieving traffic counting equipment. The employee was wearing reflective clothing. Safety rules require a spotter to assist the worker in these situations. No spotter was used. Further, State highway needs to be notified ahead of time before contractors begin work. They can often lend support. In this instance, they were not called. In addition, to aid drivers, and workers, the rules state the shoulder should be marked off with a tapered line of orange cones blocking off the crew's vehicle, along with a sign warning of shoulder work. Neither was done in this case.

It appears that the State Highway administrations rules for traffic work are routinely broken. As a result, serious accidents occur. If you are involved in any accident and believe it occurred due to the negligence of a highway worker call a Maryland or Virginia accident attorney at Portner & Shure, P.A. for a free consultation.