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How to Prevent Your Dog from Biting

The experienced Maryland dog bite attorney's at Portner & Shure are notorious dog lovers. In fact, we are known for our occasional Cutest Dog Photo Contests! Although we love all dogs, we understand and respect the possibility that any dog can cause an injury through biting, no matter how small or gentle we believe them to be.

Even good dogs become aggressive when their territory, food, or young are threatened. Sometimes accidentally or unknowingly stepping on or harming a dog could trigger a bite. The truth that we do not forget is that no matter how well trained or how well behaved our dogs are, the possibility of biting is always there.

Because of this, we take steps to prevent our dogs from biting:

1) Train: This is crucial in taking control of your dog and preventing dog bites. Teaching your dog to remain composed in different settings and situations will make strides for preventing a potential lawsuit. Having an obedient dog will give you more control when your dog is feeling threatened or scared.

2) Socialize: Exposure to other dogs and other people from a young age will teach a dog how to be comfortable around others. By exposing them do these different groups, your dog will learn how to react.

3) Leash: In order to maintain a level of control over your dog, it is essential that you use a leash. This is especially true for large dogs.

4) Warn: Be sure to have clear signs around your property such as "Beware of dog." Make sure the signs are clearly written and visible. This will alert passers-by that your dog is in your yard or in the vicinity.

5) Vaccinate: If your dog does bite someone, you may face more serious punishment if your dog has not had updated rabies shots.

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