Auto Accident

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The aftermath of an auto accident can be overwhelming and frightening, depending on the circumstances and the extent of your injuries and vehicle damage. You and your loved ones may be so focused on visible injuries and filing a police report for your accident claim that you overlook some of the most common signs of a head injury. What you believe to be a minor headache or concussion may actually be a traumatic brain injury that can lead to irreversible brain damage or death.

Dashboard cameras, known colloquially as “dash cams,” record video when you turn on your car, or when there’s movement near your car. Many Maryland drivers use dash cams to protect their rights and prevent liability in the event of an auto accident, encounter with law enforcement or other incident on the road. Here are three important reasons why you should consider adopting this technology.

Safe driving habits are essential to follow every time you get behind the wheel. School zones may be clearly marked, but car accidents can occur anywhere. Make sure you slow down and take extra care when you’re near a school or yellow school bus and remember to check your side mirror often.  Our attorneys in Virginia have these tips to avoid school-zone car accidents: