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January 08, 2019
Driving during the winter months in the Maryland and Washington D.C. areas comes with added risks of severe auto accidents, and those hazards are compounded when a commercial motor vehicle is involved such as a large bus or rig. The average personal car weighs two tons, but the average commercial... Read More
January 04, 2019
Time and time again, our Washington D.C. attorneys see the devastating impact negligent drivers have of the lives of innocent victims and their families. Although many of these life-altering collisions are referred to as accidents, the reality is that most car crashes are no accident at all; they... Read More
December 28, 2018
The days between Christmas and January 1st typically involve an increase in drinking for adults in the U.S. and it's during this time that police officers issue more DUI and DWI tickets than the rest of the year. Learn more about holiday DUI/DWIs and just how many auto accident fatalities are... Read More
December 27, 2018
New Year’s Eve is always a cause for a celebration, but it’s also the most dangerous night of the year to get behind the wheel. The average number of fatalities from auto accidents jumps by 34 percent between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve due to the increase in drinking and driving. You and your... Read More
December 21, 2018
During the holiday season, the most important thing you can do is enjoy time with family and friends. If, like many Americans, you need to travel on the holidays, be sure you are prepared for the potential perils of winter driving. In addition to making sure your car and tires are in tip-top shape... Read More
December 07, 2018
Geico touts their easy claim process on TV ads and is famous for “15 minutes could save you 15 percent,” but this ability to settle claims quickly and save you money comes at a severe cost to injured auto accident victims. The insurance conglomerate is the second largest in the U.S. and spends... Read More
December 05, 2018
It’s no secret Washington DC has a massive traffic problem. Rush hour spans several hours every morning and night. The first attempt to alleviate traffic congestion on DC streets was the bike sharing program where one can rent a bike to get from one area of Washington DC to another without worrying... Read More
December 03, 2018
Securing children in the back seat can be stressful for new parents and changing laws could mean that what was safe for your first child isn’t necessarily so with your second. Maryland’s child seat and booster seat laws are relatively straightforward, but many moms and dads struggle to decide when... Read More
November 29, 2018
The McKeldon Beltway, better known as Baltimore Beltway, spans 53 miles and is quite dangerous during peak traffic hours of the day. Auto accidents that occur on the Beltway, regardless of the time of day, are often severe and lead to wrongful death. The steps you take right after your car wreck... Read More
November 06, 2018
Childbirth is an amazing and beautiful feat, but it’s also a traumatic experience for both mother and infant. In those trying moments when the world seems to slow down and speed up all at once, you trust your doctors and nurses to know what’s best for both you and your newborn. Sometimes (and more... Read More