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Cases of the Month: Six-Figure Settlements for Two Client Accident Cases

Every case victory is one worth celebrating here at Portner & Shure, P.A. in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, D.C. because each success for our legal team can be a life-changing event for our clients. We recently closed two tough cases for two separate clients, each ending with a six-figure settlement. Check out these “cases of the month” to learn more about what our experience and talents can do for clients in need.

$260,000 Pedestrian Accident Settlement

In this case managed by Attorney Jonathan Portner, Attorney Simran Rahi, and Paralegal Christine Phong, our client was walking across the street when a driver crashed right into her. Despite what should have been clear liability for the pedestrian accident, the defense counsel tried to place blame on our client by saying she “sped up” before crossing the street, which, as they argued, was an act of contributory negligence. An investigating police officer did note that our client did increase her walking speed before entering the street, but it remained unclear how walking faster than normal to cross a street could be labeled as a clear act of negligence.

Not ready to allow the argument that walking quickly to cross a street – something that probably most people do – was negligent, we fought and negotiated with the insurance company’s representatives. Ultimately, we convinced them that there was no logical reason to reduce the plaintiff’s award through the argument of contributory negligence. The case ended with a $260,000 settlement, which was $10,000 greater than the insurance policy limits.

$245,000 Ridesharing Accident Settlement

In this ridesharing accident case managed by Attorney Jonathan Portner, Paralegal Norma Guevera, and Paralegal Diana Ramirez, our client was riding as a passenger in a ride-sharing vehicle when his driver crashed his car into another vehicle. At the time of the crash, our client was pregnant, adding to the harrowing and traumatic nature of the crash. She suffered a right radial shaft fracture with associated dislocation of the distal radio-ulnar joint. Recommended surgery was performed to alleviate the worst of the injury’s symptoms and debilitations.

The final cost of her medical expenses amounts to $79,933.57. We are pleased to be able to report that we worked with her healthcare providers to get the total bills reduced by approximately 33%.

Next, we turned our attention to the ride-share driver’s auto insurance company, which was acting narrow-mindedly and was trying to pay as few of the bills as possible. Despite cutting the payments owed to our client by a drastic amount, the insurance carrier insisted it had offered a “fair offer.” Unmoved, we continued negotiations for four months until the insurer was finally persuaded to pay for all of the related bills.

Yet the insurance company still did not want to pay any significant pain and suffering damages. We continued to fight and emphasized that our client was not only physically injured to a frightening extent but also emotionally shaken by the accident, which was exacerbated by the fact that she was pregnant and worried for her unborn child. When all negotiations concluded, we were able to recover a $245,000 settlement for our client, which is worlds larger than the initial amount the insurance company wanted to offer for just some of the medical bills.

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