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$1 Million Settlement: Reckless Driver Causes Severe Injuries and Fatality in Traffic Accident

$1 Million Settlement

Reckless Driver Causes Severe Injuries and Fatality in Traffic Accident

Montgomery Co, MD Motor Vehicle Accident Case Settled by Attorney for $1 Million

Our three clients were t-boned by a speeding defendant attempting to beat a red light. The reckless driver caused a motor vehicle accident leading to extensive injuries to the driver and one of the passengers in the vehicle. The other passenger in the rear of the vehicle died from injuries sustained in the accident. Our client’s vehicle was destroyed in the crash and deemed a total loss.

Client Damages: Pain & Suffering

The driver sustained extensive bodily injuries, including brain hemorrhage, a fractured sternum, multiple rib fractures, hemorrhage of her left kidney, a right scapula fracture, a tailbone fracture, dislocation and fracture of both hips, a right ankle fracture, and a collapsed left lung. The client underwent multiple lifesaving surgeries, including a blood transfusion and debridement of the open ankle. While coping with her injuries, our client was mourning the loss of her mother, who was killed in the accident. For the next year and a half, the client was under the continued care of a neurologist, physical therapist, orthopedic, and ophthalmologist. Our client had to relearn things like swallowing, eating, dressing, brushing her hair, and other daily tasks she’d taken for granted before this life-altering event.

Settlement Details

After a full review of the medical records from the case, USAA tendered a $1,000,000.00 settlement for our client. Our paralegal, Diane Lazo, had to obtain reductions from multiple providers and a massive reduction from the health insurance carrier. Medical bills, in this case, totaled $226,530.91. Diane Lazo, alongside Mr. Portner, was able to argue that future lost wages and pain and suffering warranted an additional $800,000.00 in damages. Ultimately, our client walked away with more than half a million dollars in her pocket.

Case No.: 228949

Attorney: Jonathan Portner

Paralegal: Diane Lazo

Settlement Date: May 2022

The settlement in Case No: 228949 is one of the largest in Montgomery County in over five years. If you have been involved in a motor vehicle accident and sustained injuries through no fault of your own, contact the attorneys at Portner & Shure. Call today at to schedule a consultation.