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Deadly Head-On Collision with Trash Truck in Beltsville, Maryland

Early this morning, a Chevrolet Impala crashed head-on into a trash truck on Edmonston Road near Old Baltimore Pike. The driver of the car and one of the passengers, unfortunately, did not survive from the injuries sustained, while another passenger suffered critical injuries and two others suffered non-life threatening injuries. The truck driver also sustained critical injuries in the crash, but they are not believed to be life-threatening.

This accident, like most accidents involving trucks, shows the terrible damage that can occur as a result of the size and power of large trucks. Initial reports appear to show that the accident occurred as a result of the car crossing over the double yellow lines. It is still unknown what exactly caused the driver of the car to cross over the lines into oncoming traffic and if the truck driver is at fault in any way.

Truck accidents, including those involving trash trucks, often result in devastating injuries and catastrophic damage, but truck accident cases are often complicated and require attorneys who have many years of experience representing clients injured in truck accidents. The size and weight of trash trucks and other large commercial vehicles make them very dangerous when on the road. Truck accidents often involve several other cars, thereby making it very important for someone involved in a truck accident to hire an experienced attorney. Injuries resulting from truck accidents can be devastating and many times injured victims are unable to recover enough money to cover their damages.

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