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Two Dead in Maryland Motorcycle Accidents Yesterday

Monday afternoon, a young man was killed after crashing his motorcycle into the side of a trash truck in Montgomery County. The accident occurred during the afternoon rush hour at the intersection of Spencerville Road and Peach Orchard Road. Early indications do not seem to show that the truck driver was at fault as it was driving east on Spencerville Road at the time of the accident. The motorcycle then entered the road and crashed into the truck. The motorcyclist sadly died at the scene. The exact cause of the accident is still under investigation.

Another motorcycle-involved accident also occurred Monday afternoon in Prince George’s County. Fewer details are known about this deadly crash that occurred on Allentown road near the town of Friendly. Police arrived on the scene to find a motorcycle involved in a crash and its driver, unfortunately, did not survive. It did not appear as if any other cars were involved in the accident, but police are still investigating to try and understand exactly what happened.

Motorcyclists are most at risk for severe injury when involved in accidents on the road with other cars, trucks, or buses. Automobiles have several safety features that prevent serious injury when accidents occur, such as seatbelts, airbags, and a windshield. Motorcycles, on the other hand, offer no protection whatsoever for their riders when a crash occurs. There are no seatbelts to restrain motorcyclists; there are no airbags to limit impact in a crash, and there is no windshield or any other similar device to prevent the rider from flipping over the handlebars of the motorcycle. Motorcyclists must wear helmets and other protective gear and clothing to limit injury as much as possible if involved in a crash. Details from both accidents do not reveal whether the motorcyclists were wearing helmets or other protective gear. Speed and treacherous weather conditions are often the causes of motorcycle crashes. We do not know if speed was a factor in either of these accidents, but there were no weather problems yesterday with warm and sunny conditions during the afternoon.

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