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Maryland Road Work Season is Upon Us and Drivers Need to be More Cautious

As warmer weather arrives in Maryland, the State Highway Administration will ramp up numerous road work projects across the state. Although a recent report on accident deaths in Maryland showed significant improvement in 2014 compared to 2013, fatalities in work zones actually increased. In the last 5 years, more than 3,600 people have been injured in work zone accidents. After the extreme weather, Maryland faced, several roadways, bridges, and overpasses did not fare well. Potholes and faded lane markings are the biggest issues plaguing drivers right now.

Several road work projects have begun throughout Maryland, including I-95 in Baltimore, which will continue until Thanksgiving. With road work comes new traffic patterns. Other major projects include the Georgia Avenue-Randolph Road intersection, sections of I-495, Rockville Pike at West Cedar Lane, and the intersection Old Georgetown Road and West Cedar Lane/Oakmont Avenue. Maryland drivers must pay careful attention when driving through these areas because they are now unfamiliar with the new traffic patterns. All it takes is one distraction to lead to a work zone accident that could injure or kill a construction worker. Speed is another factor that contributes to working zone crashes, especially for smaller road work projects where workers are much closer to passing cars. These smaller projects offer very limited protection for work crews, unlike the large-scale projects which have concrete barriers to protect work crews from passing cars.
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