Portner & Shure Client Testimonials

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Our recoveries of over $25 million a year for our injured clients is clearly not all that matters. Client satisfaction with our service throughout the process is critical to obtaining our top awards.

We offer these testimonials to underscore both the satisfaction and results of our injury and criminal defense clients. We are proud of our consistent top awards for our clients and proud of their satisfaction with the service of our lawyers and paralegals. In fact, as indicated below, many of our clients are often eager to provide testimonials.

Any results we were able to achieve for these satisfied clients were dependent on the facts of that case. These are not representative of the results or recovery you might receive because results vary from case to case.

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I am grateful for the preparation and process that Pam and her team did for us to win our case. I can trust them and they work very well. Thank you for always treating me with respect and patience.

-S.C. (Rockville, MD), Case #210861

I wanted to take this moment to express my appreciation for the way in which you and your team handled my case. Thank you so much for being there and everything that you have done. Hopefully I don't get into another car accident, but if I do, you will be the first person that I call! Thanks again!

-R.D. (Silver Spring, MD), Case #215364

I am thanking Mr. Portner and Ms. Heather as well as the staff at Portner & Shure. I am honoring you for all the things you have done for someone like me. I am weak in English and do not know any laws in regards to the auto accidents. If I see anyone having trouble with auto accidents in my community and who is having trouble with English, I will surely refer them over to your office. Again, thank you very much.

-L.K.H. (Springfield, VA), Case #215632

Your services were excellent from beginning to end. I recommend you to others for your promise to help people. Thank you so much for everything and God bless you.

-Q.H.L. (Arlington, VA), Case #204685

Thank you Miss Claudia and all of you for your honesty, dedication, professionalism, I got a great result in my case. Thank you for your outstanding work.

-J.C.S. (Severn, MD), Case #211404

Truthfully, I am pleased with your services and everything ended well. I appreciate everything you did.

-V.P. (Riverdale, MD), Case #214653

I am happy with the experience Portner & Shure provided. The services were excellent.

-O.R. (Rockville, MD), Case #215171

I would like to say thank you to Mr. Shure and most importantly you Ms. Rebecca Dean for handling my case like you did for my first and hopefully last experience it was a pleasure working with you all. Take care and maybe we will work together in the future, again thank you.

-T.D.A. (Catonsville, MD), Case #214555

The team at Portner & Shure made a frustrating situation with our Workers Comp case more bearable. Everyone patiently explained the process in detail and gave us expert guidance. They approached our case with compassion and professionalism and were easily accessible whenever we had questions - which was frequently. A heartfelt "Thank you!" to Mr. Portner, Kevin, Christina, and Pam for the positive resolution of our claim." Take care, Pam. We enjoyed working with you.

-M.F.C. (Baltimore, MD), Case #212778

Thank you for all your help. My personal experience was great. I did not have to worry about how the case was handled it was done properly. I will recommend Portner & Shure in the future to my family and friends if needed if there in a similar situation like I was.

-S.R. (Baltimore, MD), Case #214370