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Pain, Obstruction, and Infections After Hernia Repair Surgery

Suffering from a hernia is a common medical condition that is often treated surgically by doctors implanting a Hernia Mesh. However, certain types of hernia mesh have been found to cause chronic pain, bowel obstruction, and severe infections. Often times, these conditions get to become so painful, that many patients have to return to their doctor and have the mesh removed and/or replaced. Even if it’s been several years since your first implant surgery, the type of mesh used during that surgery could be the cause of your problems. If you have undergone Hernia Mesh Repair surgery, have had any of the above-mentioned symptoms, or are planning on having surgical intervention to replace the mesh, you may be entitled to compensation. Even if you do not know the type of mesh you have, call our attorneys at Portner and Shure today and we will carefully evaluate your claim. You may be entitled to compensation.