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Lawsuits Against Bayer for Essure Injuries

Over 15,000 lawsuits have already been filed against Bayer for complications resulting from Essure, the birth-control medical device that has since been recalled. Essure is a medical device that’s designed to provide women a permanent birth control option. Since its distribution on the market, thousands of women begun to experience severe pain and other health problems. There have been 48 reported deaths that were caused by Essure complications. After some investigation, the FDA learned that all of the health problems and side effects caused by Essure were known by Bayer at the time of its initial manufacturing and hid this information from the FDA.

As such, many women across the globe have started pursuing claims against Bayer for compensation. While every case is different, many allegations underlying these claims include the following:

  • Failing to report and actively concealing adverse events of Essure
  • Manufacturing Essure for three years without a license
  • Failing to have a complete risk analysis for Essure
  • Failing to track Essure complications
  • Failing to disclose 16,047 medical device complaints of suspected device malfunction to the FDA
  • Handing out Essure equipment to unqualified physicians to sell its product
  • Encouraging doctors to “sell” Essure to patients

Failing to train doctors on how to use Essure