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Do I have to go to the Doctor Evaluation for the Workers' Compensation Carrier (IME)?

When you are treating for a work-related injury there are times that the Workers’ Compensation Carrier will want to have you examined by their doctor. This could be for several reasons such as to get an idea of the status of your treatment, to see if you need to continue with your current treatment (as determined by their physician), to see if additional testing or surgery is necessary, or if you are able to return to work in any capacity, even in a light duty.

They are entitled to this examination under the Workers’ Compensation Regulations. You must attend. However, they will pay for your mileage to and from this appointment. If you are back to work and need to attend the appointment, they will also pay for your lost wages.

However, be mindful, this doctor is not your friend and is ultimately working for the Workers’ Compensation Carrier. Also, because this doctor has not been your treating physician it is highly likely that s/he will not be familiar with all of your treatment. If you have had any radiological testing such as an MRI it is important to take that with you. Lastly, this doctor will only be with you for a matter of a few minutes however, it is important that you report all of your current medical complaints and physical restrictions at that appointment.