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3 Things You Need to Know in your Richmond Truck Accident Case

Accidents involving large trucks, such as tractor trailers, box trucks, and tow trucks, often result in catastrophic damage. The size, shape, and power of trucks can completely demolish other small vehicles in an accident. As a result, victims of truck accidents tend to have the highest medical bills for their treatment.

Here are three things to keep in mind about truck accidents in the Richmond area:

  1. Millions of people travel on I-95 every year, and a major portion of the highway runs right through Richmond. Many of these vehicles traveling on the highway are large trucks. It is important to remain extra cautious when driving next to a large truck.
  2. Recent statistics show that large trucks were involved in more than 3,700 fatal crashes nationwide and the number of large trucks involved in crashes with injuries was 88,000.
  3. Truck accidents result in catastrophic damage, serious injuries, and even death. It is very important to hire a local, experienced truck accident attorney to fight for the compensation you deserve.

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