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Injured By A Drunk Driver in Virginia? You May Be Entitled to Punitive Damages

  • Being injured in an auto accident is a traumatic and painful experience.
  • Knowing that it was all caused by the carelessness of a drunk driver makes it even worse.
  • Virginia takes drunk driving very seriously. That’s why the State has enacted rules permitting individuals injured by drunk drivers to recover punitive damages if their blood alcohol content, or BAC, reading is .15 or higher.
  • Punitive damages or “exemplary” damage are awarded to the injured person due to the drunk driver’s conscious disregard of the safety of others.
  • Punitive damages are meant to serve as a punishment to the defendant, as well as a deterrent to others from drinking and driving.
  • These damages are awarded on top of compensation for medical expenses and pain and suffering damages.
  • If you’ve been injured by a drunk driver, call Portner & Shure’s personal injury attorneys today.