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Maryland Worker Receives 100% Disability Award

Jonathan Portner and Kevin Ruby of Portner & Shure Awarded 100% Disability for A Maryland Workers' Compensation Client.

It is an understatement to say that receiving a workers' compensation disability award from a Maryland Workers Compensation Commissioner of 100% is rare. While attorneys often seek this type of award, injured workers are seldom found to be totally disabled. In this case, the injured worker was working for a produce company that processes fruits and vegetables at the time of the incident. As she was working in the factory, the machine that peels and cuts produce got ahold of her arm, and there is little need to explain the horrific series of events that followed.

The client had to receive numerous surgeries, but after the operations and physical therapy, she had permanently lost complete and total use of her arm. Her own doctor estimated that she lost approximately 77% use of her arm. Nevertheless, our attorneys argued otherwise and The Workers' Compensation Commissioner found that her injuries had caused her to become 100% disabled. In short, our attorneys argued that you are totally disabled when you no longer can use your arm in a meaningful way.