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Why You Need a Police Report After a Crash

Calling for an ambulance and a police officer are two of the most important things you can do after a serious car crash. The former gives you the best chance of identifying and treating injuries as soon as possible. The latter can provide a police report, which may be the best piece of evidence you can have when pursuing damages. That’s not all it does, though. There are several reasons why you need a police report after a crash.

The Value of a Police Report

A police report is an all-in-one document recording the most important information about the crash. It typically includes contact details, vehicle specifications, and insurance information for all drivers involved. Best of all, it’s an unbiased, publicly available document that your attorney can use to demonstrate your injuries are the direct result of the crash.

A police report may also include witness statements, which can help determine who was at fault for the crash. After an accident, ask nearby drivers and pedestrians if they’d be willing to provide a statement for the police report or if you could forward their email address to your attorney.

What if Police Don’t Come?

Even when you report a serious crash, sometimes the police never come. If you can’t wait any longer or if the other driver tries to leave the scene before police arrive, don’t panic. You can still file a police report either online or at the nearest police station. The process varies by city, so make sure you visit your local law enforcement website before filing a report yourself.

If the paperwork seems overwhelming, don’t worry. Your attorney can guide you through the process and can help make sure that the information is recorded accurately and that statements are included when applicable.

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