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Nearly $1M Settlement for Family of Child Injured in Truck Accident

Our team from Portner & Shure, P.A. has helped secure nearly $1 million for the family of a young child who suffered a brain injury in a truck accident. The responding insurance company put up a fight at first but soon agreed to the settlement when faced with our team’s tenacity and experience. We hope that this settlement amount will help the child and his family find better comfort in the years to come.

Team members who helped with this case include:

Details of the $969,000 Truck Accident Case

A mother was driving with her nine-year-old son through the Newport News, Virginia area when a truck driver crashed right into them. According to reports of the incident, the trucker changed lanes unsafely and collided with our clients, resulting in a catastrophic accident.

The young child was rushed to King’s Daughter’s Hospital, where he was stabilized and observed over three days. Next, he was transferred to Children’s Hospital, where he was intubated, given sedation, and placed in the ICU. Doctors would later diagnosis him with multiple head and facial fractures, as well as a traumatic brain injury (TBI). Initial findings were fractures of the frontal bones, frontal sinuses, left facial fractures, and a non-displaced right sinus wall fracture.

Surgery was performed to alleviate some of the child’s facial injuries as much as possible. Afterward, he spent two weeks in rehabilitation at NRH Rehab Hospital. Subsequent outpatient evaluations indicated that since the brain injury was to the frontal lobe, the child would most likely experience future impairments, most notably learning issues.

Medical expenses to treat the child totaled more than $400,000. Agency Insurance Company refused to fairly negotiate a settlement, so we filed a lawsuit against them. Several other plaintiffs who were in another car and also hurt in the truck accident had filed their own lawsuit against the insurance company, too. The total available insurance coverage for all parties injured in the crash was $1 million, meaning that amount could potentially be split significantly among all plaintiffs across various lawsuits.

A dispute over the case’s value and what percentage should be allotted to our client ensued. We were undeterred and unintimidated, though, and pressed on for every cent owed to the young child and his family. Ultimately, all the cases settled within the $1,000,000 policy, and more than 95% of the policy went to our client, totaling $969,000.00.

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