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Here are 6 Ways to Pay Criminally for Fake IDs in Laurel/Greenbelt

Today, a fake ID is often considered a rite of passage for young college students. Drinking and partying is the norm for colleges all across the country, and a fake ID is a ticket to mingle and stay afloat in the social scene. Unfortunately, young students are usually not fully aware of the consequences of using a fake ID.

The use of fake IDs is especially prevalent in the Laurel and Greenbelt area with College Park right around the corner, flooding the area every year with fresh University of Maryland students, away from parental supervision for the very first time.

It is important to remind students that it is illegal in Laurel and Greenbelt, Maryland to misrepresent your age for any reason, including misrepresenting your age to buy or possess an alcoholic beverage. It is also illegal to help someone else to misrepresent his age. Using someone else's driver's license, ID, or a fake ID will cost you:

  1. Maryland law allows for fines up to $2000
  2. Maryland law allows for imprisonment of up to 3 years
  3. The MVA can cancel, suspend, or revoke your driver's license
  4. If under 18, the Maryland Juvenile Services Administration may require you to attend a supervised work or alcohol rehabilitation program
  5. Maryland Juvenile Services Administration may also ask your parent or guardian to withdraw their consent for you to hold a license
  6. Federal penalties can include a fine up to $25,000 or imprisonment for up to 15 years

It is also important to remember that using a fake ID can cost you more than fines and a revoked license. If you are caught with underage drinking, you may face misdemeanor charges, which will result in a criminal record, possibly negatively affecting your future job prospects. It is even more important to also protect your own personal safety to ensure that you are not caught drinking and driving as well.