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Litigation News May 2016

This month, our attorneys were successful in two auto accident trials against Geico. For 2016, Geico instituted a new policy for minor impact low property damage accidents to open settlement negotiations with an offer and then refuse to negotiate in good faith any further. In both of these Montgomery County, Maryland rear-end accidents, our clients were injured and sought chiropractic treatment for their injuries. Our attorneys were forced to file suit in both cases because of Geico’s refusal to negotiate a settlement. In the first case, our client received a verdict of $7,395. In the second case, our client received a verdict of $8,780.

Instead of trying to negotiate a fair settlement for both clients, Geico adjusters refused, and as a result, they were forced to pay more money in Court than if they would have been willing to negotiate both claims in good faith. Our attorneys have certainly noticed a pattern here with Geico since they began using this new policy, and if this continues, we will not hesitate to continue filing suit.