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Fatal Accident in Bethesda Kills 3, Seriously Injures Another

Saturday night, a horrific accident occurred in Bethesda on Pyle Road. Two cars were involved in the accident, a Chevrolet Volt and a BMW sedan. There were 4 passengers in the Volt and they were the ones struck with tragedy. Three of the passengers did not survive the crash, and the fourth passenger suffered life-threatening injuries. The young driver of the BMW only suffered minor injuries.

The cause of this devastating crash has not been determined yet. Since it was a Saturday night, it is always possible that alcohol played a role. Based on accident scene pictures, the Chevrolet Volt suffered significantly more damage than the BMW. Whatever the cause may be, it is likely that one of the parties was at fault. This area of Bethesda is a residential area, therefore, with the amount of damage to the Volt vehicle, speed is a likely factor in the crash.

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