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Your Privacy Rights After an Accident

So After an Accident, I No Longer Have Privacy Rights?

When you make a personal injury claim, many people are frequently angry and upset by the invasions of privacy that insurance companies commit while investigating your claim.

They do have the right to examine your medical records and bills.

Surprisingly, if you have depression or anxiety you may also have to turn over mental health records! If you’ve had prior injuries, the insurance company may refuse to settle your claim without seeing your prior medical records.

While this may seem upsetting, insurance companies are entitled to inspect relevant records. They are not entitled to medical information that cannot possibly relate to your claim. In the context of a lawsuit, a set of rules called discovery rules to become applicable, entitling the insurance company to ask you to formally produce a few direct items.

An attorney can be useful in getting the best offer your case while limiting disclosure of your personal information.

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