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After an Accident- Should you Move off the Road?

Car accidents are a common phenomenon. Even if the accidents are relatively minor, they often breed confusion about how to handle the situation.

A common question we are asked is, “should I move my car off the road after an accident?”
If you are able to move your car, especially if you were involved in a minor fender bender, it is probably BEST to move your cars out of traffic. This should be done immediately after verifying no one is hurt. If possible, before you move the car, take pictures of the vehicles.

Then move your car into an area that is highly visible to upcoming vehicles. You do not want to risk being hit by passing cars! Often it is these second collisions that cause extensive injuries.
When standing outside to exchange information, or to look at the vehicle’s damage- try to stand in front of or behind your car RATHER than beside it. Do this and stand outside of the roadway. Other drivers may not be paying attention and this makes the situation very dangerous.

If you are UNABLE to move your car- keep your seat belt on at all times.
If you are able to get out of your car. Remember to remain as VISIBLE as possible and if you have flares set them and stand as far from your vehicle, and other vehicles that are passing, as possible.