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Top 4 Things a Virginia Accident Lawyer Will Go Over With You Immediately After Your Accident

When you are involved in a Virginia car accident there are 4 things to always keep in mind immediately after the crash. Our attorneys will always stress the importance of having these 4 things before agreeing to take your case:

1. Seek medical attention for your injuries. Depending on the severity of your injuries, you may be treated in a hospital or you may visit a chiropractor soon after the accident. It is important that you receive medical attention because, in order to argue your case in Court or negotiate with an insurance adjuster, documentation of all injuries related to the crash are necessary.

2. Obtain as much information about everyone involved in the accident as possible, including witnesses. This information includes all vehicles involved, damage to the vehicles, injuries sustained, who was at fault, and if you were at an intersection, were the lights red or green, or were there stop signs.

3. Call the police for assistance. When police arrive at an accident scene, they write up an accident report, and if it is determined that one of the drivers was at fault, they will include that in their report. If the other driver is held to be at fault for the accident by police, it strengthens your case and increases the likelihood of receiving of winning your case and receiving a favorable settlement or result in Court.

4. Hire an experienced, local Virginia car accident lawyer for your case. There are countless auto accident firms out there to choose from. It is important to choose one that has decades of experience, award-winning attorneys, 5.0-star reviews from clients, and excellent results.

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