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Fatal Rear-End Collision in Howard County, Maryland

Tuesday morning, a 72-year-old man from Marriottsville, Maryland was involved in a crash with another vehicle around 8:15 am during the morning rush hour. The accident occurred on Route 144 at Homeland Way when the driver of a van began slowing down because of traffic. Then, the 72-year-old man rear-ended the van and unfortunately, he did not survive the crash.

After conducting a preliminary investigation of the accident, police determined that speed and alcohol were not contributing factors to the accident. A majority of rear-end collisions occur because a driver is not paying attention (i.e. changing the radio station, texting, talking on the phone, falling asleep) to the road while they are driving. Other times, a rear-end car accident is caused by a sudden stop in traffic, and due to tailgating, there is not enough space to allow the car to stop before hitting the car in front. Police will have to continue investigating that exact cause of this fatal rear-end crash.

One of the most common types of accidents is a rear-end collision. These types of accidents happen every day on Maryland’s roadways, but many of them are not too serious and actually occur at low driving speeds. However, sometimes a rear-end collision can result in major property damage and serious injuries or death. Many rear-end accidents occur during rush hour when there is stop and go traffic or sudden stops and drivers take their eyes off the road for one second. That one second reduces a driver’s reaction time to a sudden stop in front of them and an accident occurs. Fortunately for victims of rear-end crashes, the fault is usually quite obvious and easy to prove. In these cases, your experienced personal injury attorney can focus his efforts solely on obtaining just compensation that the victim deserves.

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