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Record Number of Marylanders Travelling for July 4th

Just like we saw for Memorial Day Weekend, there will also be a record number of Marylanders hitting the roads for the July 4th holiday. Over 870,000 Maryland residents will travel next weekend, and an overwhelming majority will travel by car thanks to lower gas prices compared to last year. The travel forecast for this July 4th is projected to be a 2.3% increase compared to last year, which makes it the highest number for the state since data started being tracked by AAA in 2001. Maryland’s travel numbers are projected to be higher than the national projection. Nationwide, 42 million Americans are expected to travel for the summer’s busiest travel holiday. Of the 42 million, 85% of Americans plan to travel by car as the national average price of gas per gallon is almost $1 lower than last year.

Starting July 1st, Marylanders will see the decreases in tolls statewide take effect for bridges, tunnels, and toll roads. With record travel numbers in Maryland, a majority of people will be flocking to the beach, which means significant Bay Bridge traffic. With traffic comes an increased risk of accidents due to distractions such as texting while driving or talking on a cell phone. Another thing drivers must be aware of is increased police patrols along the traditional beach routes. Police will be looking for speeders, texters, drivers without a seatbelt, and drunk drivers. Remember over Memorial Day Weekend, police issued over 10,000 citations to drivers for a wide range of offenses. With even more Marylanders hitting the roads for July 4th next weekend, expect an even higher number of tickets handed out by police.

Please refer to our YouTube video where Attorney Jonathan Portner talks about tips on how to avoid a deadly accident on your way to Ocean City this summer.

Remember to abide by the posted speed limits, especially along the Bay Bridge, and wear your seatbelt at all times when driving in the car. Some of the worst accidents have occurred along the Bridge, so be cautious of other drivers and get to your final destination safely. The best way to lower the risk of an accident while driving to the beach is to drive during non-peak hours because traffic will be much lighter than during peak hours.

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