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Childrens Train Ride Falls Over, Injures 20 in Prince Georges County, MD Park

A popular toy train ride at Cosca Regional Park in Prince George’s County, Maryland overturned yesterday. Twenty people, including children, are being treated for injuries. Due to the high number of patients injured, the hospital is treating it as a high casualty incident. Fortunately, most of the injuries are only minor and everyone is expected to survive.

The ride uses a tractor that is designed to look like a train. At the time of the accident, approximately thirty people were on board. The train engine flipped over, but the passenger carts behind it did not. However, when the front car flipped over, uncontrollable turbulence sent occupants tumbling down a hill.

The cause of the accident is not known at this time and is still under investigation. If the operators of the train ride were negligent in any way for causing the accident, it is possible for those injured to bring a personal injury claim against them.

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