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Maryland Live! Casino Faces Lawsuit: Man Alleges Roulette Ball Struck Eye

A lawsuit has been filed by a Washington, D.C. man based on allegations that he was injured after a roulette ball hit his eye. In December 2013, a Maryland Live! An employee was operating the roulette wheel and according to the man, the employee “negligently” caused the roulette ball to go airborne and hit the man’s left eye. After injuring his eye, the man also alleges that another casino employee squeezed eye drops into his eye without his permission. The drops then allegedly caused him to become “disoriented” and made him hit his head and become unconscious. The Washington, D.C. man is suing the casino as well as the developer, the Cordish Companies, for $150,000.Last week, Cordish Companies attorneys tried to get the lawsuit dismissed, but a judge denied their motion.

This is certainly an interesting case because we would never expect a lawsuit arising out of a game of roulette in a casino. Due to the alleged negligent operation of the roulette wheel, the ball went airborne and struck the plaintiff, immediately causing “sharp and severe pain” and disorientation. A casino security guard then escorted the plaintiff to a private room to lay down, however, the guard proceeded to administer eye drops without the plaintiff’s consent. Because of a contusion in the injured eye, the drops exacerbated the problem, causing blurriness and more pain. The lawsuit claims, the “unwanted and willful act of placing unidentified liquid directly into Plaintiff’s eye amounted to a battery to his person done in wanton and reckless disregard for plaintiff's rights to be free of unsolicited medical treatment and/or other batteries to his person and rise therefore to the level of malice.”

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