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Leesburg Hit-and-Run Almost Kills Pedestrian

Around 5 pm on Monday evening, a 57-year-old man was crossing the street at 64 Plaza Street NE in Leesburg, Virginia. This street does not have a crosswalk where this accident happened and there are numerous shopping centers along this road. A pick-up truck came and hit the man and continued driving without ever stopping. Very little information is known about this hit-and-run accident and police are actively searching for information about the incident and the driver’s whereabouts.

Today, police have identified the driver as 47-year-old Jose Pablo Hernandez Reyes. He was driving a Chevrolet Silverado pick-up truck. A witness followed Reyes to capture a picture of the license plate. Police were able to locate the truck in Hamilton, Virginia and impounded it for evidence. A warrant for a felony hit and run is out for Reyes as police try and find him. The victim, who faces life-threatening injuries, is in critical condition.

Pedestrian safety affects everyone at all times of the day. Many pedestrian accident injuries and fatalities are caused by intoxication or inattentiveness (i.e. texting while walking) on the part of the pedestrian. However, sometimes there are negligent drivers who run through a crosswalk filled with people, hit someone, and keep driving. In this case, it is unclear if the pedestrian was at fault because it does not appear that there was a crosswalk. Another important aspect of pedestrian accidents is that if the pedestrian contributes to the accident in any way, he or she cannot recover any compensation. This is referred to as contributory negligence.

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