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Winter's Fury Arrives in Maryland

Yesterday’s 2-5 inches of snow blanketed the Maryland, Washington, D.C., and Virginia area and was the first true snowstorm to hit the area this season. While forecasted as a minor clipper system only expected to drop an inch or two, it over-performed and caught drivers and school administrators off guard. As is the case every year, the first snow also leads to a headache for drivers as many people forget how to drive safely in inclement weather. Snow and ice covered roads made travel treacherous and a nightmare for many during Tuesday morning’s commute.

Most schools decided to close or delay classes, while some operated on a normal schedule, prompting several complaints from parents. In Anne Arundel County and Baltimore City, schools opened on time, forcing buses and parents to drive their children to school by braving the dangerous conditions on the roads. Several accidents were reported across the state, including three Anne Arundel County students being injured on their way to school.

While the snow has stopped falling, conditions outside are still somewhat hazardous with icy and snow-covered side streets and sidewalks. Everyone needs to remember to take their time, whether driving or walking, to avoid accidents and injuries.

Next, our area can expect dangerously cold temperatures and windy conditions to move in for the next few days. Tonight’s low temperature is forecasted to be in the single digits with a wind chill advisory going into effect due to winds gusting over 40 mph. Wind chills tonight and tomorrow will be 5-10 degrees below zero for the entire area. Be safe, bundle up, and avoid spending long periods of time outside.

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