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$21 Million Settlement in Virginia Bike Accident

A federal judge just approved a $21 million settlement for an injured bicyclist who was hit by a bread truck. The victim, Michael Sprick, embarked on a bicycle trek from Chicago to Miami, but unfortunately, he was hit from behind by a Merita bread truck and thrown 105 feet in Pulaski County, Virginia. The truck driver claimed he was forced to the right by another car, and that caused him to strike the bicyclist.

Doctors recommended that Sprick’s sister consider discontinuing lifesaving care, but she declined and he spent three months on a ventilator. Eventually, Sprick’s attorneys were able to persuade the insurance company for the truck, before trial, to pay the $68,000 cost of flying Sprick back home to Germany. When he returned to Germany, his condition actually started to improve.

Before the personal injury case could continue, Sprick’s attorneys had to lift a “bankruptcy stay” that was in place. A year and a half later, the personal injury case resumed. The defense argued that because Sprick suffered from “permanent, irreversible brain damage,” a long-term care plan would not be able to help. However, Sprick’s attorneys argued that Sprick was showing “substantial and significant progress justifying the full funding of their experts' life care plan.” In July, both parties went to mediation and resolved the case for $21 million. Past medical bills were over $1 million, and future medical costs were estimated between $6.7 million and $10 million. The United States Magistrate Judge Ballou agreed that the settlement was proper and that “plaintiff’s counsel secured the best result possible for Sprick’s claims.” The $21 million settlement is one of the largest ever recovered in Virginia.

Bike accidents can be extremely dangerous, especially when biking on major roads because there is no way to protect yourself if you crash or someone crashes into you. This tragic accident is a perfect example of the type of serious injury that can occur when a truck hits a bicyclist. Experienced personal injury attorneys are necessary in bicycle accidents in order to recover awards that truly compensate the injured victim or the victim’s family if the bicyclist is killed.

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