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Hands-free Cellphone Use Not Safer than Handheld Cellphone Use

With laws in place in many states prohibiting handheld electronic devices to be used while driving, many people are under the notion that those laws are in place because it is much safer to use a hands-free device than to hold a phone in your hand while driving. MythBusters, a popular show on the Discovery Channel, recently tested whether it was safer for drivers to talk on their cell phone using a hands-free device than to use a handheld phone. Maryland drivers are required by law to use hands-free devices when making phone calls. MythBusters, in testing this theory, proved that it does not matter whether you are holding the electronic device or using a handsfree device, it was dangerous either way. Drivers who talked on the phone while holding it to their ear performed poorly in the driving test. In addition, drivers who talked on the phone using a handsfree device also performed poorly in the driving test. Although there were slight differences in the test scores, these differences were too negligible to make much of a difference.

The real culprit when it comes to cell phones in the car is the phone call itself. Just by talking and listening during a phone call, a person’s brain is functioning even more so than just driving. The phone call is an added distraction to a person, no matter whether it is handsfree or handheld, and accidents are bound to occur.

Cell phone use while driving, whether it is texting or talking on the phone, handsfree or handheld, is very dangerous. Use of an electronic device while driving is always a leading cause of accidents on the roads. Never text and drive, and if at all possible, try to avoid making phone calls while driving as well.

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