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4 Common Questions for Passengers Involved in an Automobile Accidents

Every day our Fairfax, Virginia injury firm is contacted by folks who were involved in accidents. In many of the cases, the passengers were injured yet are unsure of their rights. Below are 4 common questions asked by passengers after accidents.

1. If its unclear which car is at fault in this accident what should I do? Retain an experienced Virginia accident attorney to work out the liability issues. In the event neither car accepts liability, a lawsuit must be filed to determine fault against both car drivers.

2. Should I use the same attorney as the driver of the car I was in? If liability is clear, there is no issue. If liability is questionable, then under no circumstances should you retain the same attorney. Under that circumstance, there is a conflict.

3. My injuries are similar, so can I use the same doctor as the driver? The answer is yes. However, the treatment should not be identical. Further, the dates of treatment and lengths of treatment should vary. In other words, no two injuries are identical, so the treatment should not be.

4. If both of us were injured, what can the driver expect, and what can I expect? Your settlement amounts like your treatment will differ. Settlement amounts depend on the medical bills, the injury, the length of treatment, lost wages, and any permanent injury.

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