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In Rockville, Maryland, Low Impact Does Not Mean Low Recovery

GEICO Insurance company generally takes the position that if a car has low or no property damage the recovery should be denied or limited to approximately $1,000.00. Fortunately, most District Court Judges disagree with this analysis. As a result, when this occurs, Portner & Shure has a history of filing lawsuits and ultimately obtaining excellent recoveries.

Insurance companies track a law firm's record in Court. As a result of our past track record, we were able to settle a case for two Chinese speaking clients in low impact automobile accident cases without filing suit. In this case, that settled in April of 2014, the property damage was approximately $400.00. Our clients spoke only Chinese and saw only an internist and Chinese speaking acupuncturist. Bot sustained only soft tissue injuries. Arguably, therefore, neither the clients nor the doctors would make good witnesses. Nevertheless, the cases were settled for $20,000.00 each by our firm without having to file a lawsuit.

Past track records, in other words, dictate current results. If you are pursuing a low impact accident, or speak only Chinese, Korean or Spanish, don't be intimidated. However, choose a lawyer with a proven track record in court.