Portner & Shure Client Testimonials

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Our recoveries of over $25 million a year for our injured clients is clearly not all that matters. Client satisfaction with our service throughout the process is critical to obtaining our top awards.

We offer these testimonials to underscore both the satisfaction and results of our injury and criminal defense clients. We are proud of our consistent top awards for our clients and proud of their satisfaction with the service of our lawyers and paralegals. In fact, as indicated below, many of our clients are often eager to provide testimonials.

Any results we were able to achieve for these satisfied clients were dependent on the facts of that case. These are not representative of the results or recovery you might receive because results vary from case to case.

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Thank you for being so kind and did a good job on my case. I had no worries at all during the whole procedure, and was really relieved. Once again, Thank you Heather.

-P.J.C.S. (Fairfax, VA), Case #216772

Heather Jung was a huge help and support for me throughout this process. Communication was easy and fast; I was able to reach her through email, text, or phone which was very beneficial. I am very satisfied with the service, and advice. Overall, I am very satisfied and would recommend this firm service to others who may need it.

-L.A.Y. (Catonsville, MD), Case #216557

Heather was very helpful and professional. Thank you so much.

-R.Z. (Alexandria, VA), Case #213940

I am happy with the amount I got for my permanency. I know Portner & Shure worked hard on my case and I will recommend their office to my friends and family.

-R.M.L. (Laurel, MD), Case #215313

I was recommended by a friend to Portner and Shure and I will do the same. I have been very satisfied by the way Christine Airy has helped me though the process. Christine has done an excellent job communicating with me by email, text, calls to keep me informed about my case. I just want to say thank you again Christine for your professionalism and kindness.

-W.O.G. (Rockville, MD), Case #216926

There were lots of bad first time experiences, there were lots of good first times. First time feeling there was no obstacle of communications because the translation services provided by Portner & Shure, P.A.. Also, first time feeling safe and trusted. The legal team that handle my case had done a great job. With all the help from the legal team, my case was able to settle successfully. By the time my case settled, I cried for a long time because I was very impressed of all the detailed work my legal team had provided. I am very appreciative.

-X.M.H. (Newnan, GA), Case #212597

My pralegal Pam Brown provided me with excellent service from start to finish. She always answered all my questions and concerns promptly. I felt comfortable knowing that this law firm took my workers comp case seriously and I got a great settlement offer. She genuinely cares for her clients. I would highly recommend her and Portner and Shure to others.

-J.G.P. (Hyattsville, MD), Case #214814

I was involved in a motor vehicle accident in November of 2015. It's a was very stressful and terrifying experience. Christine Airey was the paralegal in charge of my case. She always stayed in contact with me and help me around every turn. Her professionalism and compassion made this whole experience painless. She is an incredible asset to the law offices of portner and shure and I would highly recommend her to anyone I ever meet that is in need of legal counsel. Thank you for all you unwavering hard work and dedication to my case christine. You truly are an incredible paralegal.

-R.D. (Seaford, DE), Case #216634

"Hello. Nobody likes ever getting into an accident however, when this happens, you just don't want any hassles to take care of the insurances, estimates, medical bills, repairs and all the negotiating and phone time you must put in to clear it up and hopefully get reembursed for it so that you can get back to your normal life. All of that was taken care of for me by Porter and Shure even though I was really tough to reach by phone. I really appreciate the work and timeliness that my assigned processor (Esther) handled for me. I highly recommend this Attorney and processor. Thank You!"

-C.M.B. (Ashburn, VA), Case #216398

You guys are doing a great job, thank you so much!

-S.O. (Silver Spring, MD), Case #216575