Car Accident

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$25,000,000.00   Each Year Annually
Over the last 20 years Portner & Shure’s recoveries have exceeded $250 Million dollars.  As a result, there are too many large recoveries to list.  Below we list some of our larger recoveries prior to 2016.  In addition, we set forth many of our large monthly recoveries since January 2016. ... Read More
Plaintiff was exiting a bus on Viers Mill Road and Randolph Road when the Defendant's vehicle jumped the curb and struck her. The case was handled by Attorney, Jonathan Portner and Claims Supervisor, Sandy Horseman. Funeral Expenses: $12,966.00 Economic Loss: $210,000.00 Initial offer: $750,000.00
The Plaintiff was a passenger in the vehicle of the Defendant when the Defendant lost control of his vehicle and crossed over the center line and struck another vehicle head on. The Plaintiff died as a result of the accident. For confidentiality purposes the names of the parties cannot be disclosed... Read More
Attorneys:  Kevin Ruby Paralegal:  Lora Hatton Fairfax County car accident claim, wrongful death.  No offer prior to our filing a lawsuit.  Client was a passenger.  The claim was presented again Virginia Department of Transportation and a private contractor for not properly marking a work zone.  As... Read More
Attorneys:  Jonathan Portner/Richard Shure Paralegal:  Rebecca Dean Claim against Nationwide Insurance Company.  Chantilly, Virginia accident claim.Numerous fractures along with high hospital bills.  Client refused to accept anything less than the full policy.  Ultimately Nationwide agreed and... Read More
$400,000.00   July 2016
July 2016 Attorneys:  Jonathan Portner/Kevin Ruby Paralegal:  Rebecca Dean Fairfax County, Virginia accident wherein the client sustained disc herniations at L4 and L5 requiring surgery.  Medicals totaled $90,000.  Mr. Portner argued future lost wages amounted to several years of lost income. ... Read More
Attorneys:  Jonathan Portner/Kevin Ruby Paralegal:  Lora Hatton Anne Arundel County rear-end collision.  Client experienced significant back pain resulting in a spinal fusion.  Client had an excellent recovery from surgery.  Medicals totaled approximately $100,000.  Lora from our office was able to... Read More
Attorneys:  Jonathan Portner/Richard Shure Paralegals:  Rebecca Dean/Lora Hatton Claim against Federated Insurance Company.  Fairfax County, Virginia accident case. Liability dispute.  Defense claimed they had a witness statement that indicated our client was liable.  In short, they believe it... Read More
Attorneys:  Kevin Ruby Paralegal:  Lora Hatton The client’s injuries were largely soft tissue.  However, Plaintiff had an expert who testified that regardless of that fact, the injuries had not resolved.  As a result, Plaintiff had a significant loss of income claim.  Defense counsel argued our... Read More
A Chinese speaking family was traveling on Macarthur Boulevard when another vehicle crossed the center line causing a head-on collision. Mr. H suffered numerous lacerations, closed head injury, bilateral orbital fractures and sinus and nasal bone fractures. In addition, there was a right acetabular... Read More