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Columbia, Maryland was Named 11th Best City to Live in America

Certain cities have a welcoming atmosphere as soon as you get off the plane or out of the car. Some of us are lucky enough to live in those areas, Columbia being one of them. Our Maryland attorneys and their families enjoy all this city has to offer, but there are multiple reasons why Marylanders are among the happiest in the country.

Columbia has more than 100,000 residents. Our diverse population adds to our charm and rich artistry and culture. We have a lot to boast about, considering we’re consistently ranked in the top 10-20 best places to live, but, if we had to choose, our top three could include:

  1. We Have Nearly 100 Miles of Bike Paths: Whether you own a bike or decide to rent one, our bike paths are one of the best activities Columbia has to offer. They connect the nine villages that make up our city and give you the opportunity to take in the lush greenery and trees. Living in Columbia is like living in a park, essentially.
  2. Proximity to Major Areas & Free Family Activities: We’re close to Washington DC and other big hubs where there are countless activities and historical landmarks to see. From Fort McHenry to the nearby U.S. historical markers such as the Abe Lincoln and Washington Monuments, our area is full of options to suit any interest. The school system and libraries in Columbia are considered one of the best in the country as well.
  3. We’ve Got a Little Bit of Everything: The only climate we’re missing in the Columbia, Maryland area is the desert. We’ve got beautiful beaches, mountains, local farming areas, and large cities. There’s something for everyone to enjoy. Maryland may be a small space, but we pack a punch when it comes to climate variations and things to do.

Our state is famous for delicious crabs, and if you ask any Marylander, our Maryland State Flag is the best in the country.

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