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Truck Accidents - Blind Spots are NOT the Same as a Car

Accidents involving large trucks and tractor trailers are some of the most common that occur on roadways. One of the leading causes of truck accidents is due to blind spots for truck drivers. Drivers of all types of vehicles experience blind spots, but some vehicles have larger blind spots than others. Tractor trailers, for example, have large blind spots and because of that, numerous accidents occur where a truck changes lanes and does not see that another vehicle is next to it. Other drivers on the road should be aware of their surroundings when driving next to a large truck because the truck driver likely cannot see that you are there.

Few people actually know where a tractor trailer's blind spots are because they are different from a regular car. The most dangerous place for you to travel next to a truck is to the right and slightly in front of a truck. Truck drivers cannot see if a car is next to them on the right because of their very large engine block. Countless accidents are caused every year by truck drivers who change lanes into innocent drivers in their blind spots. Don't get caught in a truck driver's blind spot.

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