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Case Result August 2016

This month, Portner & Shure settled a very serious accident case in Fairfax County, Virginia. Two vehicles were involved in this accident that occurred on the merge ramp of Route 50 and Route 28. Our client was a backseat passenger in the vehicle trying to merge from Route 50 East to Route 28 South. The second vehicle was on the ramp from Route 50 West going to Route 28 South. These two ramps merge together into one lane, and at this point, the vehicle our client was in struck the other vehicle. Due to wet road conditions and the force of the impact, our client’s vehicle spun out and slid off the roadway hitting a utility pole. Our client needed to be extracted from the vehicle by emergency rescue personnel. As a result, our client suffered extremely serious injuries and required numerous surgeries and a two-month hospital stay. Our Senior Claims Paralegal, Rebecca Dean, and Mr. Portner negotiated a very favorable settlement with Nationwide for $492,500.00.